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End the Hurts of E.D.S

For the past 17 years I have had the privilege of calling Ms. Brittany Crichton my best friend. We have been through dress up time, slumber parties, bullying, moves, broken hearts, pregnancies, weddings, college, surgeries and every other hurdle life throws our way. She is truly an outstanding individual.

In the past 3 years my best friend has been suffering through an extremely rare disorder, her ligaments are melting, her joints dislocate, she bares extreme daily pain, and she has had countless surgeries and procedures. She suffers what is known as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, it is a degenerative connective tissue disorder, and even in its mildest form (loose skin and double jointedness) effects only 1 in every 5,000 people.

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Rope Access

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tomorrow I am off on an amazing mission to do some research for an upcoming fashion editorial shoot! I’ll give you a hint….it involves the wonderful men from A rope access company and of course my usual styling team: Alyssa Wodabek, and even some familiar modeling faces:) Not to mention the wonderful Misty Charette who will be helping me style some of the looks and doing the hair (as that is only one of her many gifts).

So I am uber (That’s right, I said UBER) excited!!!! I will post some sneeky previews later:)

Owl Always Love You

Happy Early Valentines Day!

For this most lovely of Holidays, I thought I’d share my most recent craftiness activity, I made some super cute little hooters with my crafty four year old. They proved extremely easy, fun and have tons of options you can do with them:)

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Amazing DIY Jewelry Holder

Amazingly easy DIY Jewelry holder. Saves tons of space, and eliminates the need for a jewelry box.

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BIOLUMINESENCE. from Z!nk Magazine. Amazing shoot, I love this womans lips and hair. The pop of red is fantastic!

Out Foxed

This shoot was photographed by my favorite photographer Alyssa Wodabek. An equestrian style shoot using some fantastic rescue horses and a great location provided a fun afternoon of country flair. Makeup and Hair by Presley Foskett (amazing as per usual)