Amazing DIY Jewelry Holder

Amazingly easy DIY Jewelry holder. Saves tons of space, and eliminates the need for a jewelry box.


Frame (Any style)

Staple Gun


Floral Wire (or Other Wire)

Take 3-4 pieces of floral wire and loosely twist it together (this allows to pop stud earrings through), make the wires long enough to easily stretch across the width of the frame with an extra 1/2 inch on each end.

Staple the wires across the frame, tie the extra 1/2 inch of wire around itself to secure into place. Repeat as many times as needed.

Using the pliers (or a hammer) tap the staples in all the way and flatten any pointy wire edges.

For rings, create a second loop of wire that can be wrapped around one of the wires.

Mount on wall with hammer and nail, and hang up your jewelery. Super easy and fast. 20 mins start to finish and it looks great. You can easily customize it by using different frames or wires, or making multiple small ones for different jewelery looks.

Good luck on your creating!


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