Owl Always Love You

Happy Early Valentines Day!

For this most lovely of Holidays, I thought I’d share my most recent craftiness activity, I made some super cute little hooters with my crafty four year old. They proved extremely easy, fun and have tons of options you can do with them:)

What You Need:

Felt (various colors), Scissors, Hot Glue Gun, Google Eyes, Styrofoam ball

Cut your felt into triangles for the feathers (belly, and body) 4 Circles in 2 sizes for the eyes, and a square for the ear tufts and beak.

Start at the bottom of the ball and glue the first line of feathers, continue to layer the feathers on until you have just an small circle left at the top.

Cut the square of felt into a triangle to make the beak and ears, fold a small fold in the top to make proper tufts. Glue on a square in the same color as the back feathers onto the top to cover any showing foam. Glue on Eyes:) And enjoy your little hooter:)


One thought on “Owl Always Love You

  1. Darlene says:

    What a wonderful idea and such a great little helper.

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