Monthly Archives: February 2012

New Logo, New Site, All coming very, very soon…..

WOW! SO EXCITING! I actually have time now to catch up the site, and the blog and all the other wonderful things school has been robbing me of…. The new logo as you can see is up! And by March 1st, I will have the new site up and all will be right in the world (I sure as hell hope).  So stayed tuned! Great things will be unveiled in good time!



Mason Jar Overhaul

Hey all,

I have recently found that I had a shit ton of mason jars, no particular reason or plan for them, they were just chilling around the house. SOOOO, as I was wandering Pinterest in search of inspiration for my upcoming window display I found a wonderful idea…and Then made it my own!

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Oakville United Taxi

So as a fund raiser for our year end show, “The Dream Team” (Tim Walker, Misty Charette and Myself) did a window for Oakville United Taxi.

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