Behind The Scenes

I am happy to present the behind the scenes pictures from our Spectral Suspension Shoot! I would like to hugely thank our team, Alyssa (Photographer), Amelia(Photography Assistant), Thai (Hair and Makeup) Misty (Styling / Hair), Natasha (Model), Dalia (Model), and our fantastic men at Team One.

Definitely an interesting day extremely full of colors and textures! Our Awesome set at Team One! What an amazingly interesting company, and the guys worked wonderfully with us.

Lots of fun styling with Misty, between her willingness to hop in a harness to her talents with hair and makeup, we managed to keep those models looking perfect.

Our Troopers! A HUGE thank you to Natasha and Dalia for so willingly hanging in those harnesses for hours, it was a long day and by the end of this set they were definitely losing feeling in their legs. And Thank you guys for keeping our girls from getting suspension trauma =)

Stay tuned for the fantastic result images!


One thought on “Behind The Scenes

  1. Jeff Marchant says:

    Proud to be part of it all. Thanks Ladies

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