Project T Revealed!

Here it is! Completely wonderful! A Teacup lamp, inspired by Anthropologie, and by far my favourite DIY ever!

So would you like to know how I built such a fantastic lamp? Of course you would!

Start with a wide array of cups, bowls, teapots etc. (Any thing you want really)





With a ceramic drillbit, drill slowing into the items one at a time. USE LOTS OF WATER! The wetter the better or you will wreck your drill bit and the cup will get super hot!

Once all your holes are drilled you can spray paint them or leave them original for a more eclectic lamp. Make sure to use primer as paint will not stick will to the porcelain.

Using a basic lamp kit from home depot ($16.95) start weaving your wire through the cups (you can glue the cups to themselves as you do this if you want a more sturdy lamp, or leave them unglued for an easily changeable one)

Lastly follow the wiring instructions EXACTLY as given in your lamp kit. AND DO NOT wire it while its plugged in! (Obvious, I know)

And then pop on a lampshade and admire your beautiful creation!


One thought on “Project T Revealed!

  1. Marsha says:

    LOVE it! Will have to have a lamp section in “the store”. 🙂

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