Driftwood Lamp

Well, I figured I would take my lamp making skills, and go a little more rustic and natural. And what could suit those qualities more than driftwood?

So I went to the beach, and spent a few hours hand choosing specific pieces of driftwood that would make this lamp special. Then I very carefully found (or made) holes up through it all, popped a little wiring magic in and VOILA! A beautiful unique piece of art that doubles as a table lamp.

As much as I love this lamp, I am running out of room to store my creations. So If you see something on the blog you like, shoot me an email at e.m.woodward@hotmail.com and we can work out some pricing. Expect the lamps to go for around about $100. Because the art and the process of the build is the main reward for me:)  I would be interested in taking requests as well for lamps made out of weird items.

As always,



One thought on “Driftwood Lamp

  1. Tim Wocker says:

    the bird is a great little touch!

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