Oli’s Room Makeover

It’s a hard thing, designing a room for a 4 year old. It needs to be youthful and girly but no one wants a baby room when your almost 5! So we scrapped the baby stuff and are heading in a more grown up direction! Drum roll please………..TA DA! (For now…)


So the big changes were her wall of wall art (which she chose alot of, with my help of course) and the chandelier! Which is by far the best part of the room!

Her bed was also made much nicer by the addition of some cute pillows in simple fabric that picked up the colors of her bed spread (which I hand quilted for her when she was about 2)

And as always, it’s the little details that make the room hers, and so we popped some flowers and favorite pictures on top her wardrobe (which will be refinished this summer!)


And lastly, I will leave you with a picture of the little munchkin the room was done for! Though we do still have a long way to go, like rugs, and the wardrobe….and I’m sure I’ll think of something else.



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