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Photoshop Learnings

Dear Friends,


Since I am not in school this year, I have had the odd desire to teach myself things I would probably be learning if I didnt graduate last year. So I went online and looked up photoshop Tutorials, because lets face it, I am always moved by some of the work some people can do with it. Here I give you my 1st attempts at some vintage like altering. Please feel free to throw your advice in my direction! It would be hugely appreciated!


This is the original, My charming little one checking out some chickens.

This was the first Vintage like one, which I am kind of fond of as it does look old.

This was my second attempt, and I believe it was a FAIL. It makes me think of an Instagram gone bad. Perhaps its just too blue?

I think I’ll stick to the monochromatic approach until I can perfect the dreamy vintage look.  But until then I will keep plugging away at learning wonderful new things!



Some people never go crazy….Lucky, we are not those people.

“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” – Charles Bukowski

Just thought I’d share a pleasant picture of my wonderfully crazy offspring!

And This picture… Which just proves that 6am is the best time in the world, there is truly nothing more inspiring than hearing the coyotes yip back and forth and the birds start chirping as the sun comes up! Cheers to camp outs in the country:)

Life is Great! Appreciate the small things!



I officially have a new all time favourite furnishing company, and I am extremely inspired by their catalogue! Their styling is effortless and rustic with modern pops and a very eclectic taste, and I can’t get enough of it *swoon*

May I present Roost, they are carried in stores all over the world and online as well. I dare you to be inspired by this awesomeness! There is also much more inspiration from them after the jump.

How gorgeous is this desk?

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Well Here is a sneak peek of what I have been working on! I am officially involved in starting a company for awesome modernized wooden furniture featuring barn board, drift wood and hard steel accents! The company is called Over The Edge Designs and our main designer has been building wooden furniture for over 30 years, so you can only imagine the detail and the craftsmanship!

The reason I am announcing the reveal now (a little prematurely) is that we have created our first driftwood table to be auctioned off at The End The Hurts Summer Boat Cruise, in which friends and family of Brittany Crichton will help raise money to help her with her Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. For more Information on our End the Hurts mission, please visit her website at:

And without further ado, here is our beautiful Driftwood table, made from reclaimed and salvaged materials and guaranteed as a one of a kind piece.