Photoshop Learnings

Dear Friends,


Since I am not in school this year, I have had the odd desire to teach myself things I would probably be learning if I didnt graduate last year. So I went online and looked up photoshop Tutorials, because lets face it, I am always moved by some of the work some people can do with it. Here I give you my 1st attempts at some vintage like altering. Please feel free to throw your advice in my direction! It would be hugely appreciated!


This is the original, My charming little one checking out some chickens.

This was the first Vintage like one, which I am kind of fond of as it does look old.

This was my second attempt, and I believe it was a FAIL. It makes me think of an Instagram gone bad. Perhaps its just too blue?

I think I’ll stick to the monochromatic approach until I can perfect the dreamy vintage look.  But until then I will keep plugging away at learning wonderful new things!



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