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Suicide Prevention Day

Today in honor of Suicide Prevention day, just be nice. If that chick looks horrible in those pants, keep it to yourself. If someone says something mean, just ignore them. Nothing nice to say? Then bite your tongue and spend the day in silenceā™„

Today is a day to spread awareness of Suicide prevention and show support for those who have lost loved ones or attempted it themselves. It is a day to be nice, to spread some love and boost someones confidence. (TEENAGE GIRLS!!!!)

Untreated depression is the number one cause of suicide, and suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers. (NIMH)

For more information on Suicide prevention please visit To Write Love On Her Arms



Fashion Updates

Here is a slight insight as to what I have been up to:)


This charming gentleman (Dylan from Spot6) was shot by Brittany M Williams and the makeup was done by the lovely Presley Foskett! Styled by yours truly:) More pictures coming soon!


And this stunner of a lady (Mila from Fayme) was photographed by Alyssa Wodabek. This was an interesting shoot as I styled it from afar, pulled the clothing and entrusted the rest to dear talented Alyssa! Make up was done by Jasmine Glass.



And here is some OLD NEWS!

And here is a wonderful behind the scene picture from a previous shoot with Team 1. The bald guy holding up these gorgeous models is none other than my dear old dad, who graciously let us suspend these ladies from the ceiling:)