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Photoshop Learnings

Dear Friends,


Since I am not in school this year, I have had the odd desire to teach myself things I would probably be learning if I didnt graduate last year. So I went online and looked up photoshop Tutorials, because lets face it, I am always moved by some of the work some people can do with it. Here I give you my 1st attempts at some vintage like altering. Please feel free to throw your advice in my direction! It would be hugely appreciated!


This is the original, My charming little one checking out some chickens.

This was the first Vintage like one, which I am kind of fond of as it does look old.

This was my second attempt, and I believe it was a FAIL. It makes me think of an Instagram gone bad. Perhaps its just too blue?

I think I’ll stick to the monochromatic approach until I can perfect the dreamy vintage look.  But until then I will keep plugging away at learning wonderful new things!



Mason Jar Cloche

Was so loving the look of the glasses cloches that are all over the internet, but I wanted something more rustic and fitting to my home. So I whipped out one of my many mason jars, bought a terracotta pot base and VOILA! I love the charming distressed finish and you can pretty much put anything in a cloche which is what makes them so attractive!


Hand Drawn Vintage Sign

So I told you I was busy working on an old piece of wood, and here it is! I am quite happy with it, though I feel it’s missing something. Any Suggestions?


Quick Craft for Teachers

As most of you with kids know, at the end of the year it is somewhat necessary to thank the wonderful men and women who spent the last 9 months teaching, playing and caring for our children. But what do you get them? You want to show appreciation but it can get expensive, especially if you child is like mine and has a bunch of teachers who are involved in her day to day school life. So I made our teachers little Tea gifts.

I started with some good old fashion sugar pourers I got from a vintage store downtown (dollar store may have them too, or use jars) Then fill them with your most favorite types of teas, pop the lid on, print this brilliant pdf, sign it, tie it and call it a day!

Teacher Gift Tag PDF

We love how they turned out, and we hope her teachers like their tea as much as we do:)



Felt Puppets

Does anything scream childhood story time quite as well as finger puppets? I think not. So in an attempt to fill a Saturday afternoon with my 4 year old, we made some puppets. This is my dinning table on a typical Saturday…Now onto the How to: Build cute hand puppets.

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Oli’s Room Makeover

It’s a hard thing, designing a room for a 4 year old. It needs to be youthful and girly but no one wants a baby room when your almost 5! So we scrapped the baby stuff and are heading in a more grown up direction! Drum roll please………..TA DA! (For now…)


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Driftwood Lamp

Well, I figured I would take my lamp making skills, and go a little more rustic and natural. And what could suit those qualities more than driftwood?

So I went to the beach, and spent a few hours hand choosing specific pieces of driftwood that would make this lamp special. Then I very carefully found (or made) holes up through it all, popped a little wiring magic in and VOILA! A beautiful unique piece of art that doubles as a table lamp.

As much as I love this lamp, I am running out of room to store my creations. So If you see something on the blog you like, shoot me an email at and we can work out some pricing. Expect the lamps to go for around about $100. Because the art and the process of the build is the main reward for me:)  I would be interested in taking requests as well for lamps made out of weird items.

As always,


Drift wood lamp in process…

Drift wood lamp is officially on the way! Stay tuned…

Summer Bucket List

With the my last school year finally finding its end, I am starting to plan my to do list for the summer. Despite the fact that I will hopefully be working, I am still planning on lots of time for fun crafty things. The list is as follows:

  1. Re-Decorate Oli’s room. Moving away from the baby dragonflies and into a big girl room she can grow with. Including a beautiful Purple Chandelier!





2. Take a trip somewhere with my amazing husband, somewhere warm and tropical with beaches and interesting animals.

3. Do the interior design for my dads house, while simultaneously launching his furniture company.

4. Plan the biggest and bestest fund raiser for my favourite friend, Brittany! Check out for info on why we are fund raising.

And lastly, I want a job that pays decent but more importantly allows me some creative freedom with merchandising and window design.


I hope you see posts about all these topics in the near future!



Project T Revealed!

Here it is! Completely wonderful! A Teacup lamp, inspired by Anthropologie, and by far my favourite DIY ever!

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