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This is a short video that best describes the merchandising world and what I actually do:) Definitely worth a laugh or two, as I am frequently asked what the hell is merchandising?


What Is Fashion Merchandising?


Royal Tennebaums

Introducing my final window at Sheridan College! It’s a tableau from the Royal Tennebaums Screenplay and shows Margot cheating on her husband. Thanks to my awesome group!

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As my final year at Sheridan draws to a close, we are very busy VM’s! Lots of wonderful things to do in preparation for our annual year end show. This year, our theme is “London Calling” playing on the clash of worlds between the posh british rich kids, and the grunge of old school punk. It will be a fantastic event!

Feel free to check out the event’s blog at

Now, back to the grind of the last 3 weeks!


A Garden Wedding

Well, Friday was the day that our wedding assignment was due. The task: Plan a wedding for a given couple, with all the elements (floral, table setting, favors, cake, location, invites etc.)

Here is the result:

Pretty cute eh? Big thanks to my other group members: Odarka, Jouella and Genille. Turned out absolutely gorgeous!

Oakville United Taxi

So as a fund raiser for our year end show, “The Dream Team” (Tim Walker, Misty Charette and Myself) did a window for Oakville United Taxi.

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