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Suicide Prevention Day

Today in honor of Suicide Prevention day, just be nice. If that chick looks horrible in those pants, keep it to yourself. If someone says something mean, just ignore them. Nothing nice to say? Then bite your tongue and spend the day in silenceā™„

Today is a day to spread awareness of Suicide prevention and show support for those who have lost loved ones or attempted it themselves. It is a day to be nice, to spread some love and boost someones confidence. (TEENAGE GIRLS!!!!)

Untreated depression is the number one cause of suicide, and suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers. (NIMH)

For more information on Suicide prevention please visit To Write Love On Her Arms



Projects in Process

I am very proud of how busy I have been these past few weeks, and I apologize if there is a lack of posts lately. I have some brilliant work that has been pushing on things lately.

I am helping my dear ol’ dad get our furniture company going (turns out there is a lot more research than I thought) We are also building a house at the same time.

I also am steadily working to promote as our first annual boat cruise is quickly coming up in August.

As for the crafty things, expect a rag rug (when I finish braiding the stupid thing) and some awesome reclaimed wood signs.

I apologize for the delays, but I also am promising you great things for you to build and be creative with!


Officially a Diploma Holder!

Check it out! This is me with my charming husband, holding my diploma for Visual Merchandising Arts…and I GOT HIGH HONOURS!!! Woohoo! I am officially off in the working world making a ton of crafty things, while making things pretty. Here’s to a future of careers, hobbies and new projects.

New Project

I am happy to announce I am on the start of a very exciting new project!

Hint: It involves a lot of wood, a business license, and some really creative talent.


STAY TUNED for details on the fun!

one year


One year ago today, I embarked on the weirdest, wildest, most unbelievable experience ever. I got married.

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I would like to personally give a HUGE Congratulations to Neils Auto Service as they turn 2 today! The owner, Jay, has always done an exceptional job in his repairs and maintenance, and they are by far one of my favorite clients ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! It has been an amazing 2 years filled with awesome people and huge growth for the company, I am so proud to call the people here friends and I am so proud of the amazing business Jay has started. This is definitely the place to get your car fixed or even pop in for a visit.


Way to Go Guys! Keep up the awesome business!


And here is a special Birthday Coloring Page for the kids:

Brand X3 Year End Show

I AM A GRADUATE! And Last week we had Sheridan’s year end show at the Andrew Richard Design Gallery. Here are some awesome pics of the events.


I am so happy to be done with school and off into the working world, it is a very freeing feeling to finally be a college graduate. I can’t wait for more awesome opportunities as I move through my working career.

A Garden Wedding

Well, Friday was the day that our wedding assignment was due. The task: Plan a wedding for a given couple, with all the elements (floral, table setting, favors, cake, location, invites etc.)

Here is the result:

Pretty cute eh? Big thanks to my other group members: Odarka, Jouella and Genille. Turned out absolutely gorgeous!

Behind The Scenes

I am happy to present the behind the scenes pictures from our Spectral Suspension Shoot! I would like to hugely thank our team, Alyssa (Photographer), Amelia(Photography Assistant), Thai (Hair and Makeup) Misty (Styling / Hair), Natasha (Model), Dalia (Model), and our fantastic men at Team One.

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Sneak Peak of Project T

Can you guess what the big fun build is in this picture? (Hint: It’s not the Bird)