Projects in Process

I am very proud of how busy I have been these past few weeks, and I apologize if there is a lack of posts lately. I have some brilliant work that has been pushing on things lately.

I am helping my dear ol’ dad get our furniture company going (turns out there is a lot more research than I thought) We are also building a house at the same time.

I also am steadily working to promote as our first annual boat cruise is quickly coming up in August.

As for the crafty things, expect a rag rug (when I finish braiding the stupid thing) and some awesome reclaimed wood signs.

I apologize for the delays, but I also am promising you great things for you to build and be creative with!



Wash your damn spoons!

Saw this on Pinterest and had to repost! Please do me a very big favour and wash your damn cutlery…


Quick Craft for Teachers

As most of you with kids know, at the end of the year it is somewhat necessary to thank the wonderful men and women who spent the last 9 months teaching, playing and caring for our children. But what do you get them? You want to show appreciation but it can get expensive, especially if you child is like mine and has a bunch of teachers who are involved in her day to day school life. So I made our teachers little Tea gifts.

I started with some good old fashion sugar pourers I got from a vintage store downtown (dollar store may have them too, or use jars) Then fill them with your most favorite types of teas, pop the lid on, print this brilliant pdf, sign it, tie it and call it a day!

Teacher Gift Tag PDF

We love how they turned out, and we hope her teachers like their tea as much as we do:)




I introduce to you myself. The other day, I was down by the lake with a very good friend of mine (who happens to be my Go-To photographer for all things) This brilliant woman photographed our wedding, my best friends promotional shoot for End the Hurts and has done some very cute pictures of our daughter. So in the interest of promoting friends may I encourage you to contact Alyssa Wodabek for all your photography needs in the GTA area.

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Officially a Diploma Holder!

Check it out! This is me with my charming husband, holding my diploma for Visual Merchandising Arts…and I GOT HIGH HONOURS!!! Woohoo! I am officially off in the working world making a ton of crafty things, while making things pretty. Here’s to a future of careers, hobbies and new projects.

Felt Puppets

Does anything scream childhood story time quite as well as finger puppets? I think not. So in an attempt to fill a Saturday afternoon with my 4 year old, we made some puppets. This is my dinning table on a typical Saturday…Now onto the How to: Build cute hand puppets.

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New Project

I am happy to announce I am on the start of a very exciting new project!

Hint: It involves a lot of wood, a business license, and some really creative talent.


STAY TUNED for details on the fun!

Ear Candy

Hello People,


So I thought I would give you all the brilliant list of songs that end up in my head regardless of who covers it:

Topping the list at the moment is “Little Red Riding Hood” By Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, been covered by Bowling for Soup and most recently Amanda Seyfried.



Next, would be anything by Matt Nathanson but the song “Run” is currently amazing and on constant loop.



A personal favorite of mine (my dads, and my daughters) is Home by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes. This was the song for my father daughter dance at my wedding and it just has such an upbeat sound and message how can you not love it?



So these are 3 of my current faves! They are classics that will hopefully work their way into your brain just as they have wormed their way into mine.


Love bunches,


one year


One year ago today, I embarked on the weirdest, wildest, most unbelievable experience ever. I got married.

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